Japan Day 14

Day 14
Quality Sushi

There was no joy for baseball this morning in Hiroshima, the home team here being the Toyo Carp and not the Tigers.  Though Carp banners hung from the shopping arcade ceilings, it was drab this morning as rain came down lightly this morning, cool yet moist in the air on a Sunday. We took a streetcar up to the main station, and from there, hopped on a Shinkansen headed northbound towards Shin-Osaka.

Along the way I purchased some omiyage–gifts for coworkers.  My manager at work mentioned this custom, where employees consider it a dishonour and an impediment to the team to take a vacation, hence, they bring back gifts when they return. I picked up some in the form of maple leaf shaped cookies.  Maple leaves, it appears, seems to celebrate the autumn season here in Japan and the gift and bento stands were decorated by bright orange, yellow and red leaves.

The afternoon was pretty pedestrian: At Shin-Osaka we interchanged onto our second bullet train of the day, onwards to Tokyo proper.  After another three hours, we were at Tokyo Station, where we interchanged to another local loop and onto the subway, returning us to Asakusa.

Tonight we went to the Shimbuya district of Tokyo, along Takeshita Street with it’s crazy post-punk fashion stores and youngsters all around.  Some were dressed up in goth outfits, others in Kelly Osborne-esque getups.  One girl had so much bronzer on, she looked  like Beyonce Knowles, complete with teased out blonde hair.

In summary, all I can say is, it’s hard to top a sushi restaurant with ISO9001 certification. Tonight, the place we went to literally had their document of certification hung right up on the wall.  If you can certify software development for quality process, you can certainly do it for raw fish and rice.

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