Italy 2007, Day 0

In 2001, somewhere during my halcyon days at Nortel Toronto Lab, my coworker Siobhan helped me plan a trip to Europe.   Because I only had one memory card for my camera, I had to take a laptop with me.  Admittedly looking back, the idea of needing a laptop to store 500MB of photos sounds kind of silly, but remember, this was when the largest memory card I could find was 48MB and I had to secretly borrow this $200 gem from a guy in Hardware Engineering.  Who promptly was laid off the week I got back, but that’s another story.

This wasn’t as bad as it seemed, because now that I had a laptop to store photos, I ended up writing little summaries of each day’s adventures and mailing them back to my colleagues Siobhan, Albert and Mario.  These dispatches from the field soon came to be known by Siobhan as Meats and Cheeses, in reference to a comment I made about enjoying breakfast more in Canada if such items were made available the way they are at inns in Europe.

Meats and Cheeses became a tradition for future trips, almost demanded by coworkers and friends.  In later trips, I got extra fancy by sending selected photos each day.  By the trip to Japan in 2005, I’d find myself picking the best photos of the day while waiting for clothes to wash in a laundromat, then finding an open WAP to upload them.  This led me to the most unusual locations:  I remember distinctly finding an open WAP outside a Japanese communal bathhouse in Kyoto and being locked out of a ryokan (Japanese traditional inn) in Takayama in the middle of the night.

So, here we go with Meats and Cheeses 2007: Italy.   Check back in the ensuing days to see some pictures.  I hope you enjoy it.

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