Australia 2011: Day 16

Today is our last day in Australia before heading home.  We went with family to St. Kilda’s, a suburb south of the central part of Melbourne.  St. Kilda’s over the years has gone from a region for the wealthy elite, to a seaside retreat for city dwellers to an area of trendy shops and cafes.  It also has an amusement attraction, Luna Park, similar to Coney Island, which features an old wooden coaster similar to the Cyclone at Astroland.  A ride operator actually stands on the train as it travels the whole track, braking the train manually.

The beach at St. Kilda’s faces out into the Melbourne harbour, with large container ships readying to be brought into port to be offloaded.  The ships bring imports from around the world into Australia and as we walk out on the pier, they sit silently in the distance, grey shapes out in port.

We have had a wonderful time on our trip to Australia.  The people here are friendly and the scenery has been beautiful.  It has been a fantastic opportunity seeing the wide contrast between the urban centers and wildernesses of the continent and the inherent experiences in both.


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