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The Random Ones

The other day it occurred to me that since moving to WordPress from the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering server, I managed to lose all the quirky random photos which I used to post here.  Here’s some favourite standalone images which either came randomly or came about as a one-off:

journal-cellphoneconcertEdward Jones Dome, St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

This one I shot during a concert.  I noticed kids don’t wave lighters anymore, but instead, wave their phones.

Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. April 2010.

I ended up chatting with the fellow who ran the Aquarium one Sunday morning and he suggested this jellyfish exhibit was one of the best for photography.  I suspect the display lighting really made this shot.

journal-australia-butterfly2Kakudu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia. April 2011.

Butterflies turned out to be a great subject while in the subtropical rainforest area of Kakadu National Park.  I didn’t realize them until I turned and noticed one at eye level right in front of me.  This was the first time I was really thankful I lugged my 70-200mm all the way to the other side of the planet.

Lake Ontario, Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. September 2010.

Every time I see this photo, I can’t remember where I took it, because I took an almost identical frame just outside Nice, France.  But it’s not so exotic, it’s a guy fishing in south Missisauga on Lake Ontario.

journal-handheldshotOctober 2007.

I took this photo at the request of a former employer’s marketing communications group on a day’s notice to highlight the use of then new smartphones in finance.  We asked a coworker to wear a suit and carefully polished up a new phone to remove smudges.  A remote flash was held by another coworker to highlight above and I shot it on a small step ladder over his shoulder.   We carefully positioned the shot to use the shadows created by the window frames in the background.  It ran in the business advertising supplement of a national newspaper.

journal-torontoskyline3Lake Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I took this one from a motorboat in the city harbour as the sun set one summer evening.

journal-busfromskyGatineau, Quebec, Canada.  September 2008.

I took this photo while on flying in a hot air balloon at the Gatineau Balloon Festival.  I’m pretty sure it’s the bus depot of the local Ottawa transit authority.

journal-t4k2Stouffville, Ontario, Canada.  August 2008.

Sometimes an image comes to you while you’re doing something else.  In this case I was taking away a blueberry pie from a rural bake shop at the top of this hill and saw cyclists coming up.  I’m pretty sure I was still holding the pie while pulling the 300mm f2.8L IS up to get this image.

journal-sunriseEtobicoke, Ontario, Canada.  August 2008.

I woke up one morning and noticed this pattern in the clouds with the cell tower poking through the bottom as the sun rose.

journal-ringshotmayJune 2009.

This isn’t random, but it is a one-off:  I shot this for my sister’s wedding album using an old Nikon Pronea lens with mechanical aperture iris shoved backwards into the EOS EF flange and held in with rubber bands.  The Canon body I used had an ST-E2 Speedlite Transmitter driving two small remote flashes and the halogen spot off my sister’s kitchen countertop.

journal-robotarmFebruary 2010.

I took this photo for my friend Iain, trying to capture the motion of a high speed part extraction robot arm.  This is a multiple exposure of about four shots, trying to convey the motion of being in multiple places at one time.

journal-panorama-duomopisaPisa, Italy. October 2007.

In a time before smartphones and panorama apps, it was actually pretty hard to put together panoramic shots.  I manually aligned and stitched this image of the Duomo in Pisa, where I took about fifteen images from off the leaning tower.  Note the school tour taking a group shot at the front steps.

journal-swanflyingLake Ontario, Port Credit, Ontario, Canada. September 2010.

I can’t tell if this is Port Credit or Stratford, but I do remember this was shot with an 1.4x Extender.