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Charleston and Savannah 2015: Part 3


We took a sunset cruise on the Schooner Pride, a 84 foot tall ship, out on Charleston Harbour.  Once a few passengers had the chance to help hoist up the main sails, they filled with wind and we set sail out around the harbour.  The sails and the yards that pull them up are very heavy, even with the rigging running through a pulley system.


I’ve never been on a sailing ship like this before:  It’s very different than the  Albacore dinghies or even the 60 foot keel boat I’ve tried around the Toronto harbour.   The ship has a certain majesty to it once all the sails are trim and in full sail.  Its near silence adds to the graceful stability such a large vessel has: You don’t feel vibration from an engine, so the only thing you really feel is the organic bending of wooden and rope structure suddenly engaged into tension.

Charleston and Savannah 2015: Part 1


In the summer of 2015, Siobhan and I went to Charleston, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia.  Though a few people have asked about this trip, I didn’t at the time post any images or words because most of it was spent dragging around my broken 70-200mm.

This photo was from the Magnolia Plantation just outside Charleston.  I shot this photo using the SL1, a misfocusing 70-200mm f2.8L IS and a Extender 1.4x II from a moving tour tram.  The plantation is really beautiful and contains a number of environments such as this marshland.