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Charleston and Savannah 2015: Part 5


One of the major attractions in Charleston is Patriots Point, a gathering of old warships, including the USS Yorktown, a World War II era aircraft carrier.  They also have a submarine, which is really fun to squeeze through, and a destroyer docked nearby.

This photo is of some gauges in the Yorktown engine room, which, dimly lit, is cavernous and labyrinthine.

The most amusing part of the ship is the galley, which has been well preserved as an exhibition.  It features mannequins preparing meals for the ship’s crew, and even items like a monorail system which brings munitions swinging around the chow line.  There’s also a lot of surprises, even for someone who has watched all ten hours of PBS’ Carrier documentary.  For example, there is an escalator that carries pilots up to the flight deck.  I never realized this was a feature of some older aircraft carriers.

On the Yorktown’s deck are a collection of naval aircraft.  Their graceful lines evoke birds who can’t fly, chained down to the top of the ship.  It’s a treat to see aircraft up close, but the weather has taken their toll on these majestic machines.