This blog is a collection of images and writings while abroad.  In the spring of 2001, coworkers helped me plan a trip to Europe and in return I sent emails to them of the day’s best images and what I did that day.  (One of them ended up being my wife.) These were originally entitled “A Buzz In Your Pants From Around the World”, in reference to these messages being sent to a friend’s early BlackBerry smart phone.  The series of emails soon began to be called “Meats and Cheeses” after a remark I made about how great European hotel breakfasts were because they included the aforementioned items.

Today, it’s pretty normal for people to send pictures while traveling on Facebook or Twitter.  But back in 2001, memory cards were expensive, so I brought along a computer with me to archive the photos as I went.  This was unusual fifteen years ago, but it meant I ended up writing about what I did and sending them while on the road.  Getting them uploaded in the past included standing outside a communal bath house in Japan holding a tablet computer above a wall, being locked out of a traditional village inn, and standing in a Italian bus station past midnight trying to find a connection.

Eventually they ended up on a blog hosted at the University of Toronto and were even mentioned in a Globe and Mail article.

When I travel, I take a lot of pictures, trying to capture the place we’re visiting.  I take the time at the end of each day, while copying them to a computer, to select the best images and write down all the things we saw.  I find myself reading them years later and remembering more details than if I had the photos alone.

I hope you enjoy these images and stories.


Images and text are property of Calum Tsang.  Please let me know if you wish to use them.

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